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Emerald is nicknamed the Seeker of Love and a Revealer of Truth,... 

  • Browse our various Incense Holders, perfect conversation pieces. Incense is placed into the lips of the holder and then lit.

  • Use these Resin Trays as a Soap holder, Coffee Table Decor, or as a Trinket Tray!

  • These Crescents have a Holographic pattern that reflects light from all angles, creating a holographic effect.

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How I started

Tyler's Table is a small business that operates out of Vacaville, California. I created Tyler's Table when I became a homowner and suddenly realized I didn't have any coasters! I had plenty of Tables and things that belong on tables but noocoasters! I looked into creating my own coasters for the new house and fell in love with casting things in resin. I still use those same coasters to this day and they bring me back to when I decided to dive into this business journey. Now I'm aiming to create beautiful pieces to share with you guys, from my table, to yours. I collect Crystals as well and will have some for sale from time to time. I can't wait to share this journey with you guys, Pull up your seat & let's get started!


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